3YO Technology

3YO Technology is dedicated to the production of natural systems for various sectors: lubrication, surface protection, anti-adhesive liquids, …

the aim is to revolutionize the sector with a dictat:

protect health

of those who use these products and, at the same time, considerably increase the productivity of companies that choose 3YO Technology.

About us

We are Mirko and Loris Dalle Nogare. We are brothers and serial founders of companies with headquarters in Italy, UAE, Nigeria, Thailand, and Germany.

We are active in the field of construction and in R&D in the mechanical engineering field.

Our mission is the creation of eco-sustainable, high-performance and innovative solutions for a better, green and less hazardous future for our children.

Always in the metalworking sector, after a sad event in 2011, we decided to try to change the “rules of the game”.

We didn’t want all sprays and highly dangerous industrial liquids to be used anymore.

We wanted a solution to remove such carcinogenic and hazardous elements for both health and the environment.

After 12 years of research and development in Germany, Thailand, India and the United Arab Emirates and testing in over 55 countries, we have finally managed to launch 3YOWG on the market. The Universal, Green product and truly for everyone. Other products are now being created from 3YOWG such as 3YOGUN – 3YOTS – 3YORC

In September 2023, Leo Carnevale joined the Dalle Nogare Group companies founding EPCM.Expert Asia.

We must all come together and do something. Now!

The other companies in our group