3YO RC is the 100% Natural Italian product. Developed for the industrial sector in the automated production sectors, it is produced with only food components. It brings with it an innovative Green revolution and performance of a level unexplored to date. Usable in any automatic cleaning and treatment system of automatic welding torches (T.I.G. M.I.G. M.A.G.), sprayed in automatic grinding and cutting processes or in mechanical processes that require lubrication and cooling, 3YO RC raises the level of performance of all the industrial processes for which it is born, with total respect for Man and the Environment. 3YO RC significantly reduces process gas consumption and the need for maintenance stops. 3YO RC drastically reduces overall operating costs. 3YO RC is certified: it does not cause any type of defect in welding processes even if used in melting baths.

Made in Italy.

3YO WG Does not contain water, ceramics, graphene, silicones. It is easily removed after use.

  • Brilliant in tube laser processing
  • Easy to use
  • 100% Green, a natural product free from restrictions or danger labels
  • Innovative
  • Smart
  • Economic
  • High-performance
  • Multipurpose
  • Dramatically reduces the running costs of your robots
  • Reduces false triggers
  • Greatly reduces the need for MIG-MAG welding torch cleaning stops
  • It is certified as having no influence on welding processes, guaranteeing always perfect welds
  • Usable in every model of cleaning station for robot welding torches

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