In industry we are used to having multiple solutions to various problems.

3YO WG, going against the current, brings simplification: a single product for various fields of application.

Only food components create a Natural fluid that simplifies the work of Operators, avoiding application errors, respecting Man and the Environment.

Can be used to bring broad benefits in the processes of Grinding, TIG-MIG-MAG-LASER-SPOT-ELECTRODE welding both on pieces and on torches-tools, in the uses of LASER TUBE to keep the cutting sections and the inside of the tubes clean , on laser benches and in the lubrication of mechanical processes more generally.

3YO WG has passed international tests which attest to its lack of influence even if used directly in welding fusion baths.

Made in Italy.

3YO WG Does not contain water, ceramics, graphene, silicones. It is easily removed after use.

  • Brilliant in tube laser processing
  • Multiplies the lifespan of laser cutting spare parts.
  • It enormously reduces the consumption of welding gases.
  • Dramatically increases performance in automatic and manual welding.
  • It is certified as irrelevant in welding processes.
  • It facilitates the cleaning of sheet metal supports on thermal cutting benches (laser, plasma) without equal.
  • Increases the life of abrasive discs in grinding operations.
  • Protects the ceramics of TIG welding torches.
  • During tube laser cutting, it avoids the adhesion of impurities inside the cut tubes.
  • No need to wait after application.
  • It is easily removed in pre-painting processes.
  • It is produced… by nature

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